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Richard Swetthenham

The original founder of Helios, Dick Swettenham, was an audio engineer of note. In the 1960s he worked at Olympic Studios in London where he created the world's first transistorised console.

The Olympic desks became well-regarded and so Dick went on to set up Helios Electronics Ltd. This company built equipment for a number of well-known organisations and musicians. For more information about this, see the history page.

The market changed and Dick closed the original company in 1979. However, it was not possible to use the Helios Electronics name when he wanted to restart trading in the 1990s, so the name Helios Professional Audio was adopted.

In essence, the new company was set up to ensure Dick Swettenham's professional legacy.


Dick started collaborating with Crispin Horsfield of Caz Limited to develop a re-issue of the Helios Type 78 Active Equaliser for 'fun and profit'. The idea was to use any cash generated by re-issues to help fund Dick's objective of creating digitally-controlled analogue consoles.

A working prototype of the Type 78 was made and tried out by various people and was well received. However, it became apparent during test marketing that the Type 69 Equaliser would probably be a more popular product.

Helios Professional Audio was set up just before Dick's passing to formalise the project. The other directors were Peter Stothart and Nick Cann (who has since resigned).


We are in the process of reviewing our plans to see how future manufacturing might be undertaken.

Helios Professional Audio Limited is the owner of the Helios Trade Mark

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