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Richard Swetthenham

The original founder of Helios, Dick Swettenham, was an audio engineer of note. In the 1960s he worked at Olympic Studios in London where he created the world's first transistorised console.

The Olympic desks became well-regarded and so Dick went on to set up Helios Electronics Ltd. This company built equipment for a number of well-known organisations and musicians. For more information about this, see the history page.


Dick had been interested in developing digitally-controlled analogue consoles for some time and had written about it in the professional press. To further this objective Dick set up Helios Professional Audio Limited with Crispin Horsfield, Peter Stothart and Nick Cann as co-directors. Dick then transferred the Helios Trade Mark to this new company.

Since it would have been impractical to jump straight into console manufacture, the company looked at re-issues as a means of generating some cash and interest. For this Dick favoured the Helios Type 78 5-band Equaliser as the initial product. A prototype was made and tried out by various people and was well received. However, it became apparent during test marketing that the Helios Type 69 Equaliser would probably be more popular.

Dick’s untimely passing in 2000 took the wind out of the sails of the project and although attempts were made to develop products, unfortunately nothing materialised.


Things have moved on and now the production of a Type 69 Equaliser re-issue is being finalised.

There are already prototypes of the Type 78 5-band Equaliser and the Type 760 Compressor/Limiter in existence. And since it’s the 21st Century, it’s time to consider some modern variations - in particular the digitally-controlled analogue options that were Dick’s great enthusiasm.

Helios Professional Audio Limited is the owner of the Helios Trade Mark

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