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The home of Helios

Richard Swettenham

Dick Swettenham, the founder of the original Helios Electronics company, had made his mark as an audio engineer in the 1960s while he was working at Olympic Studios in London.

Helios Professional Audio was set up by Dick Swettenham to restart the production of Helios audio equipment – that had made his reputation.

New product

Helios RE500 Equaliser

Helios RE500 Equaliser x 8

We have licensed the Helios Trademark to Jim Dowler, former Chief Engineer at Olympic Studios and now CEO of Audio Digital Technology, for use on his version of a 3-band Helios equaliser.

Visit the products page for more information about this and the ADT Olympic Mic Amp 65.

Helios archive

www.helios-electronics.org shows a collection of documents that Dick left. It will grow over time as the cataloguing work continues and hopefully become a useful reference.

Helios Trademark

Helios Professional Audio Limited is the owner of the Helios Trade Mark