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Richard Swettenham

Helios Professional Audio was set up by Dick Swettenham for the creation of new Helios products while continuing to produce the older models which had made his reputation.

Our re-issue of the Type 69 Passive Equaliser should be available in October 2018. After this we are looking at a number of products including the Type 78 5-band Parametric Equaliser and have other designs under consideration.

The order in which products are brought to market will depend on what you, the users, have to say, so do get in touch.

Dick's legacy

Dick was an audio engineer of note in the 1960s. He worked at Olympic Studios in London where he created the world's first transistorised console.

The Olympic desks became well-regarded and in 1969 Dick founded the original Helios Electronics Limited company that built equipment for a number of well-known organisations and musicians — see our story.

We're continuing to build on Dick's legacy. He was always looking forward rather than backward and, in this spirit, our eventual aim is to build new products in the Helios tradition. That said, we are delighted to offer the iconic sound of the vintage designs for as long as there is demand.

Helios Trademark

Helios Professional Audio Limited is the owner of the Helios Trade Mark