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Some twenty years after the closure of the original company, Dick resurrected the Helios brand with the intention of manufacturing new equipment. His particular favourite was the digitally controlled analogue console about which he had written. He was a director of this new company along with Crispin Horsfield and Peter Stothart. The Helios Trade Mark is owned by Helios Professional Audio Limited.

Crispin had first met Dick in 1983 while working for him when he was upgrading a Decca desk for Peter Gabriel's home studio outside Bath, UK. After that they worked together on a number of small projects and spent a lot of time discussing digitally-controlled analogue systems.

Richard Wybault Swettenham 1927 - 2000

Dick Swettenham, the founder of the original Helios company, died on 9 April 2000 after fighting a losing battle with cancer for some months.

Richard Swetthenham

We will be posting a fuller account of his life at some future point.

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