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Disambiguating the Helios companies

The first Helios Electronics company was set up by Dick Swettenham on 29 April 1969 and was dissolved by him in 1979 for a variety of reasons.

Under English law, it's possible for a company name to be reused and on 26 November 1999 Tony Arnold used the Helios Electronics name to set up his company, but this company has no association with the earlier company or Dick Swettenham.

When Dick came to consider restarting the Helios brand at the millenium, he found that the Helios Electronics company name was not available and so opted for Helios Professional Audio Limited.

Why is this important?

...but we'll try and be helpful

The team behind Helios Professional Audio have wide experience of Tony Arnold's products so we'll do what we can if you have a query or problem.