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Although the audio designs may be 'vintage', we expect to use modern production techniques to ensure quality and reliability - it is professional equipment we're making after all. We're hugely aware that we must keep the Helios sound and also work out just how purist we have to be. For example, do we improve on the noise floor or leave it where it was?

Since the original Helios consoles were built, workflows have changed and we need to take this into account. These days it's likely that most studios will be largely digital with an analogue element, though the balance between analogue and digital will vary. We've had enquiries for modules, rack units, small and large consoles so we've got quite a bit of work balancing all these outcomes.

Products under consideration

The following is just a set of ideas of what we might produce.

Digitally-controlled analogue equipment

Dick was always looking for new ways of working in the studio environment and somewhat ironically he wanted to get rid of the console because it came between the monitor speakers and the sound engineer. This in turn requires new types of control surface and putting the sound processing in a rack – but he still wanted an analogue signal path.

What he wanted to deliver is much more achievable with today's technology, so it remains particularly interesting for us and if this interests you too, please get in touch.

Vintage re-issues

We get enquiries about these from time to time. As Helios used to build equipment to customer requirements, there were many variations of component values and types. The question is: which design, what component values and what component types to select?

Type 78 Active Equaliser

We have created a 4-band prototype based on the last consoles delivered by Helios in 1978/79. It offers active equalisation with all parameters continuously variable along with high and low pass filters. This unit dffers from the Helios RE24 product - a four-band equaliser in a 19" rack-mount format - because the latter did not sport filters.

If space allows, it may be possible to fit a mic preamp in too, so please let us know if a mic pre would be useful to you.

Helios auxilliary mixer

A small (8 or 12 channel) mixer to complement a digital workstation setup.

Type 69 Passive Equaliser with mic pre-amp

This re-issue would feature:

The materials from an original Lustraphone transformer were analysed at the UK's National Physical Laboratory so that this clone should be as accurate as possible.

Helios Type 760 Compressor/Expander

Dick bought in an ADR unit and adapted it for use in Helios consoles. We think that the Helios version would be a worthwhile addition to the market.

Helios series 500 modules

Possibilities include:

Helios 19" rackmount

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